Content Submission Guidelines

Basically, in order to be successful as a vendor, you need to make sure of 3 things –

  1. Always make sure you own the copyrights to your materials
  2. Always receive permission to take the photo and to publish the photo (including a model/property release if necessary)
  3. Don’t take photos of other commercial things (such as the Nike or McDonald’s symbol)


Please note that the following detailed guidelines are part of the Vendor Agreement 

You agree to follow Jvisual’s Vendor Guidelines, as provided hereunder. The submission of Content that does not adhere to to the guidelines below may result in the termination of your Jvisual account:
a. You have to have full control or ownership of the copyright of works submitted or provided to Jvisual.
b. You cannot submit public domain materials to Jvisual.
c. Submissions cannot contain copyrighted material of any sort, including artwork, photos, sculptures, architecture or exhibits which are copyrighted. Additionally, Content submissions may not contain trademarks, service marks or other indication of origin, including logos, owned by third parties.
d. Any submission of material which contains copyrighted or trademarked material, requires that you provide the necessary releases from the rightful owner of said rights.
e. Do not place your name, website address, copyright mark or personal watermark in your Content. We will protect your content with our own watermark, which will be applied when your content is accepted to our site.
f. We reserve the right to revoke or reinstate Content submitted to Jvisual, at any time for any reason.
g. Releases
h. Images with an identifiable person that are submitted for commercial use must be accompanied by a valid Adult or Minor model release as below.
i. Photos taken on private property must be submitted with a property release signed by the owner if they are to be used commercially.
j. Model Releases — Any content featuring an identifiable person must be accompanied by a model release. Submissions which include images of a minor must be accompanied by a model release that was signed by that minor’s parent or legal guardian.
k. Nudity – We will not accept any submission which includes any form of nudity or indecent exposure. Submission of such materials may lead to revocation of users’ status as a vendor.
l. Property Releases — Any image clearly depicting private property must be accompanied by a completed release from the property owner.
m. Model and property release forms are available Here. All releases must be submitted via the upload field upon submission, or via email clearly referencing to the product for which the release is being provided. Releases should be uploaded in the proper field of the Vendor Upload page.